Imagine you could easily and effectively transform your website’s blog page with minimal effort

Think of how much more time you’d have to spend doing the things you REALLY love instead.

Perhaps you’d finally get the chance to take some time off, develop new products and services, or even spend more quality time with your loved ones.

There’s only one problem.

How do you get all those crucial hours back, while still building an effective blog?

After all, don’t you need to hire a professional blog writer to do that for you?

Well, sure. If you have money going spare.

Typically, a professional blog writer will charge upwards of £150 – per blog.

That kinda cuts into the money left over for developing the rest of your business. 

Fortunately, there’s an easier – and cheaper – way.

With my Business Blogging pack, you can get access to blog title prompts as well as tips to help you write blogs for every stage of your business. 

With my comprehensive pack, you’ll get:

It’s like having your very own blog writer.

Minus the £150+ per blog fee.

This is a brand new product that I’m so excited to launch out to you all.

Here is where you’d normally see a bunch of testimonials telling you how great this pack is. 

But it’s new, and I’m all about being honest with you. 

So instead, here are some testimonials from previous clients who have worked with me:

Clare is a pleasure to work with . She is fun, knowledgable and professional and keeps the lines of communications open during the whole process. From the initial video call to discuss what I needed, follow-up of contract and agreed timeframes to delivery, the whole process felt easy. Clare helped me with copy for Facebook ads that were in my own voice but compelling to potential buyers as well as compilation of three different blogs. She has a touch of magic that reflected my voice yet somehow the words on the screen were the best version of my products and services. A great experience overall and I would highly recommend working with Clare.
Cat Paterson
The Straight Talking Ginger
I came off the call feeling really clear and motivated. Sometimes when somebody does something for you, you can feel a little overwhelmed because you get too much stuff or it just feels like there's far too much information. So it was just that really nice balance of a good amount of information, but not feeling overwhelmed. That what needed to be changed and fixed, or improved on was totally do-able. I thank her very, very much.
Jen Wilson
I AM Jen Wilson

Maybe after reading what my clients think, you’re still on the fence. 

That’s OK. 

You could ignore this offer and continue…

Or, for just a one-off payment of £27, you could order my Business Blogging pack and get…


I offer a no-risk guarantee. If you don't love the blogging prompts and let me know within 24 hours, I'll refund every penny of your purchase. No questions asked! *please see my Terms & Conditions page for more information about my Intellectual Property Rights